Video/Image/Audio editing

I am somewhat of a one-stop-shop when it comes to video adverts!

Using my skills of video, image and audio editing, I can create for you an engaging advert for your organisation or event. Send me your footage or images and I can use them to produce an ad for you. As a songwriter/recording artist, I have also written music or songs to suit the video that I am producing. This brings a more personalised and impactful edge to your project.

As a musician, I feel it is very important for the video and music to feel like they truly belong together – to have moments and ambience that match up perfectly.

My audio and image editing skills all come bundled into your video production – or perhaps all you need is some audio or image editing…no job is too small.

Below are videos that were produced by myself using music that I wrote, recorded and published.

The piece ‘Aqua’ was composed to go with the video advert I made for the charity Aquabox. The piece ‘Spitfire (Global Edit) was composed by myself to go with the video ad that I made for the company Global ECM. The song ‘The Difference is You!’ was written to accompany the video I did for the District 1220 Rotary Conference which was coming up in 2019.


Below are a couple of examples of simple videos that I put together to accompany my original songs. For more such videos,  please visit my Reade-Music YouTube channel or my music website

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