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Frenchie Beau
‘Frenchie Beau’


Custom printed masks/face coverings by post!

£15 Large/small of an existing design in the shop

£17 Order a mask/face covering with your own photo!

These are, shall we say, interesting times! I have turned my usual photo editing and web design skills to making what we all need right now – non-boring masks!

I have many designs uploaded to my shop and many more in the pipeline, so please do keep checking back to see what is new! I am also making completely custom masks such as printing your own photo or creating something especially for you. A little light editing (such as putting your pet picture on a mask, or ordering a ‘You – but not you!’ mask and sending to you for approval before printing) will be just £2 extra. But if you would like something a little more, please do get in touch and we can talk about some design time for which I charge £30 per hour, chargable for part hours as used.

Looking for something specific but cannot find it? Get in touch via the contact page and maybe I can add to my catalogue for you 🙂

Receive free postage if I design something of a certain theme for you that I can then add to my catalogue here in the shop for general sale.


Trying to get a mask to match your outfit? Take a pic of your material and I can put it on a mask/face covering. Bingo!

You may send me your own images for custom masks, but you must own the copyright or have permission or a licence to use it. If I am designing for you, I will use my own images and retain the copyright.

I either own the copyright for the images on the masks outright, or I have used them under a commercial license which allows me to use them on products for sale. Please note that all images on this website are subject to copyright laws.


Please do contact me via my contact form, email or Whatsapp on 07595 724671 if you have a query about postage to a foreign country, want something custom-made for you, or are wondering if something comes in another colour or size. I might already be on it, but maybe I can move the job up for you!

Lots of mask waffle for you…some of it is important Ts & Cs stuff, so please read before ordering!

Stuff to know…

  • The mask comprises of two layers of material.
  • Supplied with small plastic ear elastic adjusters which can be threaded on if required.
  • Masks are non-returnable and non-refundable.
  • When appropriate and when stock is available, I choose whether to print on a mask with white ear elastic (which I print on as well as the main part of the mask) or whether to print on a mask with black straps. If the availability of the mask which best suits the design(s) you have chosen is a problem, I will contact you to see if the other option is acceptable to you.
  • The design sometimes has to be rejigged to suit the size and aspect difference between the large and small masks. So the images will not be exactly the same on both sizes for the same design.


  • Fully machine or hand washable and reusable.
  • Please wash your masks before use. Althought I heat press them at 190 degrees to fix the image on and probably fried all the nasties, they have been on a very long journey before they got to me in their blank form. So there are likely particles of random stuff on them that you should wash out before using. They dry fast, so go for it!
  • Wash after every use. Throw it in the washing machine (fine at 40 degrees) or hand wash for at least 20 seconds with something frothy.
  • If you have filters included with your mask, the filters are NOT washable and reusable.

I have heard it said to treat your mask like underwear – good advice!


LARGE masks – Adult size

Top to bottom at the furthest vertical points – approx 12 cm.

Width at widest point approx 18 cm.


SMALL masks – Child size

Top to bottom at the furthest vertical points – approx 10 cm.

Width at widest point approx 15.5 cm.

The best way to gauge what size would be most suitable for you is to measure an existing mask that you already own and choose the closest size to that. Please note that masks are non-refundable and non-returnable.

Please note that each mask varies slightly in size so may vary by a few millimetres in all directions. This, as well as the fact that each mask is hand-positioned for heat pressing means that your mask may not show exactly the same picture as you seen on screen to the millimetre. However, be assured that the variation is minimal. Any significant variation is not going to make it past Twinkle Tec!

Colour of the print may also vary slightly from the colour seen here on screen. This may be due to how the colours are viewed on different screen displays. Also, like buying a tin of paint for your walls, it cannot be guaranteed that one printout is going to be exactly the same colour as the next . If you have a printer, you will likely know all about that! But I make sure that printed products are as near as dammit before signing them off!