How I can help

Whether you need a one-off session, regular lessons or occasional help, it is all possible. No obligations, schedules or commitments. Truly pay-as-you-go help when you need it!

Some very common issues I help people to deal with include….

iPhone – ipad – Samsung Galaxy – Tablet – Windows phone – Smartphone – PC – Mac – Windows 10 – OSX – Router set up and configuration – Google/YouTube account – Online banking – iCloud – Google Drive – Microsoft/Skype/Xbox account – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Email set up and use – Printers – Wireless printing – Family trees – Whatsapp – Passwords – eCommerce product updates – photo editing (Photoshop) – Video editing – Dropbox – Online purchases and tickets – Amazon – eBay –  Online applications (passport, driving licence) – Online bills – Files & folders and more!

If you are a complete beginner, or you want to build on your existing knowledge…..

Twinkle Tec - problem with tabletIf you have ever had a family member try to teach you how to drive, then you might recognise that very similar feeling whilst having a family member show you how to use your new device! Somehow, it just doesn’t seem to work, or they don’t have the time nor patience. Or they do it for you and don’t tell you how they did it. This is a familiar situation that I come across. Another situation that I find very common with clients is that they have tried group classes at libraries or colleges, but feel that they still cannot do what they need to do, and had to learn all sorts of thing that either they didn’t need, are not interested in, or just sent them deeper into confusion and frustration. A common comment I hear is that these ‘beginners classes’ really were not for complete beginners, and presumed that you already had some knowledge and experience. This is of no help if you still cannot figure out how to turn your device on or off properly, can’t get your device connected to your home network or do not know what a network even is!

You might think that you are the only one who has trouble with their passwords. A very regular occurrence is someone describing themselves to me as being ‘thick’. I want to assure you that you are not ‘thick’! You just need pointing in the right direction. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that is how I can help.

Another thing that people frequently say to me is that it is their ‘age’. I would disagree! There are plenty of people that I help who are younger than myself. A large part of some of the difficulties you may encounter is if you do not have that burning interest in the gadget – what you are trying to do is out of necessity, rather than interest, so it will often be a challenge to put your mind to sorting out your issues. This is entirely natural. However, once I have ‘Twinkled’ you, you will be at least on the right path and armed with your cheat sheets, leaving you with less stress for your future tasks. Another thing that I would ask people to remember, is that if this is your first encounter with the world of gadgets, you are trying to deal with something very new that you have not had to deal with in your whole life. Anything new can take a lot of getting used to. So give yourself a chance. Don’t throw it out of the window yet! Working together, we can get you to a place that you are comfortable with and you can build on your knowledge from there.

Write down a hit list of all the issues you would like to deal with, we can work through them. I will explain everything along the way and note down and send to you what you need to know. Then, when you try it for yourself, you will still have your cheat sheet to follow when you need to perform the same task again.

iPhone – ipad – Samsung Galaxy – Tablet – Smartphone – PC – Mac – Windows 10 – OSX – Router set up and configuration – Google account – Online banking – iCloud – Google Drive – Microsoft/Skype/Xbox account – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Email set up – Printers – Wireless printing – Family tree – Whatsapp – Passwords – Video editing.


If you run your own business, work from home, need help with Social Media, or need to design company stationery…..

Give Twinkle a Tinkle, 07595 724671

Increasingly, people are working from home. In an office situation, you may have had an IT department on hand to call upon, but, when working from home, you can find yourself isolated with a problem that you just don’t know how to solve. The type of problems you may encounter can be things like trying to connect your gadget to your home router, making sense of a Word document, signing into your ‘cloud’ or trying to get your work laptop to talk to your home printer.

Or perhaps you are a business who has a problem with their social media account or online product listings, or are in need of new stationery design, posters, business cards or banners. I can help with a wide range of business-related issues, so give me a call to see if I can help you.

Much of what a business needs from me can be done remotely. If I tweak your web page or design something for you, for example, I can raise an invoice, keeping track of the little bits of work and invoice you for easy payment via BACS.


Sudden tech crisis?

Happy client of Twinkle Tec at computer, DoncasterIf I can help, I will! Trying to print out your boarding cards when your printer refuses to co-operate can really make the blood boil! You may think you are doing something wrong, but sometimes, it is the gadget or router that is at fault, and not you. A remote session with me may well reveal the problem and get you on your way!




Perhaps you do not need me yourself, but you know someone who could do with a little patient and friendly help! Contact me to purchase a gift certificate for their next birthday present, Christmas, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just because you have sympathy for their confused situation!


Twinkle Tec Gift Certificate, Doncaster


Rotary Club of Doncaster Twinkle TecAs a Rotarian, part of my Rotary mission is to increase the tech ability of members, and help them to publicise their club’s events via social media. If you are looking for the article that I created especially for Rotary clubs to kick-start their Facebook page, please click here.